2016: A Year in Pictures

My lovely friend Catherine recently made a post compiling pictures from 2016 to celebrate the positives of her year (which you can check out here!)  I loved the concept; it’s easy to get caught up in all of the negatives that this year has slung at the world, but I also got to experience a lot of really incredible moments.  And, as the past few weeks have been tough, I thought it would be lovely to do as Catherine did and go back to re-live those memories in visual form.

Ran my first 10 miles.  Ever!!!  After a month of the worst post-wisdom-tooth-surgery-recovery ever!!!


Got my first tattoos of the year after hitting my winter break fitness goals: Huginn and Muninn, Odin’s ravens of Norse mythology.  And also my second set of tattoos: the roses!

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“Huginn and Muninn fly each day
over the spacious earth.
I fear for Huginn, that he come not back,
yet more anxious am I for Muninn.”

My very first hot laps at COTA!!!!  It only took like two years.


First (traveling) race weekend of the year!  GP of St Pete feat. Sarah and American Catherine.  Got to see my boy race for the second time and LEAD LAPS WITH MY OWN TWO EYES.

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Saw Deftones live for the first time at a spontaneous free show.  Stood at the barriers for 5 hours, passed out, had a couple of really awesome dudes next to me give me free tacos to revitalize me, and lived through one of the best shows in the world.


To Long Beach for the ePrix!  Media center chillin’ with Sarah and Aleks, displaying all our sick banners, and soaking up the California sunshine.  This was also the weekend where we made Aleks watch her first Indycar race.  A+++ all around.

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Longhorn Racing’s unveiling!!  When I joined the team, I was afraid of talking to people I didn’t know and questioned myself every time I walked into the garage.  Eight months later, and I was still there, seeing our car come to fruition. 

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Celebrated my last week before summer break finally seeing Tim Skold live and going out for birthday cream puffs with Alison.

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INDY 500!!!!  The nine million year long road trip, amazing grilled cheese, the absolutely incredible Indianapolis Motor Speedway, more Steak n Shake than anyone should consume in a weekend.  And, oh yeah, Alexander Rossi winnin the damn race.

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Detoured to Lansing to spend time with my two childhood best friends, Amber and Allie, who I hadn’t seen since I moved to Texas in 2014.  Love love love love love ❤

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Detoured to Niagara Falls and spent a relaxing two days in Watkins Glen.  We got to drive the circuit in Sarah’s car, explore the gorges of the state park, and wander through town.  Spent a whole afternoon in an adorable coffee shop flipping through old programs.  Basically, the ideal day.

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To the Canadian Grand Prix!!!  Which was SO COLD but how can you not love Montréal and hanging out with your BFFs.  I also went to my first cat café.  Which was delightful.

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Formula SAE competition at Lincoln!  Despite the heat and just about everything working against us, we didn’t place half bad.  We were, unfortunately, unable to finish the endurance race, but it was a really great weekend all around.

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MY FIRST TIME IN NEW YORK CITY!!!  Loved getting to explore the city with Sarah and also meet up with King for an unforgettable Iowa Corn experience that I tried real hard to forget. 

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Which segued into the perfect opportunity to explore Boston because, for as many times as I’d crashed at Sarah’s place, I’d only ever done that.

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To Toronto!  Got a hot lap ride from Zach Veach and solidified a growing friendship with the Dale Coyne team.  I also met Sarah Fisher.  A+++.

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Rob Zombie!!!  The Frights!!!!!!

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The unintentional 3-day Pocono race weekend where we met Mario Andretti, it rained a whole lot, we chilled with the Dale Coyne squad, got Chinese food, explored the post-storm abandoned campsite, and got rekt by a tent.

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Or, that one race where I wandered around aimlessly without Sarah and made a lot of memories I plan on keeping on the DL.  I also saw Graham Rahal win a race.  What.

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Feat. Catherine again, Liza, Cale, Sarah, camping WITH AN ACTUAL GRILL FOR PANCAKES AND PIZZA GRILLED CHEESE, a beautiful weekend, getting hot lap passes courtesy of one Mr Alexander Rossi, seeing a legit podium ceremony at the Seneca Lodge while old home movies played and someone rocked the piano, drinking with that one Penske guy.  Probably the highlight of my year, honestly.  The best way to end my Indycar season.

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Lone Star Le Mans!!!  Str8 chillin’ with Danny and Aaron for the weekend was excellent, and I’ll never be able to thank Patrick enough for letting me tag along to interview Bruno Senna, or to Graeme Lowdon for the tour of the Manor garage.

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UT Arlington’s FSAE autocross, which, despite our lack of an aero kit, was one of the first times I’d seen the team have just straight up fun driving our car.

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And then: the US GP!  Daniel Ricciardo saw our FSAE car.  Also, s/o to Sarah, Liza, Kristian, Jay, Danny, Patrick, Michelle, Jack, Blake, etc etc etc for all the excellent memories.
also blue flags

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Other memories that were excellent but didn’t manage to get photographed: ice skating for the first time (in a while, at least), the Trail of Lights, Twin Peaks, Halloween, Top Golf, etc etc etc.


Every year has given me a chance to grow as a person, and this year was no exception.  The highs are worthy of celebration, and the lows are just an opportunity to examine how to improve next year.  The plans are already in the making.

Bring on 2017.



  1. Oooh, I love the Boston photos! It’s a super photogenic city. Good lord did you have a lot of race-related adventures this year, haha. A pleasure to play a small part in them 😀


    • Ahhhh thank you!! Boston was so dang gorgeous, I think it’d be hard to take a bad picture there. And omfg right I didn’t realize exactly how much race cars I did this year until compiling this haha. I’m glad you got to play a part in them as well and I am so stoked for all the memories we’re gonna make next year!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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