100 Words: #23-26

23. Intoxication
you need to pump poison into your veins before you find her attractive enough to fuck. head swimming, thoughts a chaotic disjointed nonsensical mess, when pleasure eclipses person – it’s the only way you’re able to find ecstasy in her imperfections

she – she, who remembers all, who burns moments into memory like the smoldering scars of funeral pyres – she traces patterns onto her body with pilgrim fingers trying to find a tripwire that will tell her how your hands felt on her. she doesn’t remember your lips on hers, only remembers the kiss of the bottles she tipped back to pretend she didn’t notice the disgust in your eyes


24. Unique
special skills:
– finding, defining, embracing the exceptions to ‘forever’


25. Butterfly
With the changing of the season, the butterflies flickered away one by one on wings of jewels and dreams in search of warmer climates. I tried, desperately, to keep them from leaving, but they slipped through my fingers like I was trying to catch smoke tendrils in a net. I knew it was the last I’d see of them; the barren tundra of my stomach would be far too cold for them to call a home again.


26. Record
Record the sounds of a life. Record the gentle swish of a brush through hair, record its muted click on a porcelain countertop from another room. Record soft midnight breaths cascading over sweat-sticky exposed skin and the prickling goosebumps that flower under your touch. Get very close, record a heartbeat at its softest, when it’s no more than a whisper. Now, stand back – record the sound of buttons loosened from their restraints, being done up again; the scratch of a fingernail on a pair of shorts. Record windchimes of silverware making music on porcelain dishes at dinner, record dilated eyes and gentle hums of contentment and the sound of a hand pressed against your own. Record the gentle puff of air the follows parted lips, record the intimation of a thought never destined to come to fruition. Record.

One day he will be gone. You will miss him in silence. The things you thought so trivial, once lost, echo into the cavern of his absence louder than noises themselves.

Record the sounds of a life. Play the soundtrack when you miss him. Remember.


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